Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Sill

A gorgeous day, with a lot of work ahead of us - we wanted to tar the foundation, then start laying the sill plates in place.

We kept the tar in the car... or should I say... the tah in the cah, to stay warm and usable, and got busy with brushes and spackling blades. It was 25 degrees out, and by the bottom of the 5 gallon tar buckets the tar was pretty thick, but even so, I don't think any temperature or condition could make that job fun. What a slow, sticky, experience!

Laying the sill plates involved a lot of measuring. The sill plates rest on sill seal, a wide strip of closed cell foam, and is bolted to the foundation through bolts that were poured into the concrete. Simple theory, and not too bad to do on the South wall, which is only 4' tall. The other walls haven't yet been backfilled, and proved to be more of a challenge.
By the end of the day, we had the tar done and half the sills in place.

With such an early sunset this time of year, we often use a gas lantern or two to extend our working hours. We're laying the sills on the North wall here, and with no backfill, it proved to be a tricky balancing act. The roll on the wall is the sill sealer foam.

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