Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Backfill

The South wall has been backfilled at this point, and oh is it nice! This makes the house so much more accessible, and much simpler to work on.
Backfilling along the side of the house while we aligned the posts and joists of the lower level. The nine loads of sand and the enormous excavator were just a few of the distractions during the day.
Looking toward the South of the house, you can really see how the slope of our land works well with the Canadian design. We have two short posts to put up, then the three South-most joists.

Nicely settled, with all the backfill in, most of the posts aligned and nailed in place, and, of course, the Subaru in the foreground, which makes our house look pretty tiny. The egress window on the North wall of the house really shows well in this photo, and I think, code willing, I'd like a set of round shutters on that window, sort of hobbity.

Another shot showing the backfill and the natural slope of the land. We're absolutely thrilled with the house placement on the site and how settled the Canadian model looks there. It's a fantastic design, and we're really looking forward to seeing it go up.


Mom G. said...

I think I must be computer illiterate or something. I had a comment all typed and then lost the whole thing! Darn!
It really looks so fun. It makes me want to cry! But then you know me. It looks really great. I would love to be there having some of the fun, like spreading mud with the boys. I don't think spreading tar with the men would be nearly as much fun.
What an adventure! If the guys can get the thing built without killing eachother, then I think the girls can share a kitchen without too much difficulty. The theory is good at least.
I think you should paint the thing a neat earthy green stain that will fit right in with the rocks and trees, etc. You will fade right into the landscape and the boys will have to campout because they can't find the house!
(Never happen).
Hugs and Kisses
Mom G.

Vasicek said...

This is just great. I love the photo action. It's like watching the Nauvoo Temple being built all over again. How about a webcam.... Nah.

You guys are doing nice work.