Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Mudroom Wall

I couldn't think of a cohesive title for the last week of progress, so the mudroom wall won out.

This is Chris and Karen's room with a view.
Our church sponsored a father and son campout a week ago. Chris took the boys on Friday night and set up camp while Andy drove straight in from VT, where he had been working all week.
Benson took this artsy shot of the corn. The house is in the background, and manure in the foreground.
We brought two loads of manure home with the trailer to help out the garden. Chris and Dave spread some of it around, but they were appear to be talking it instead of shoveling it here. A couple of regular state workers.
Saturday was a beautiful day to work outside, and we moved some more material from the front of the house. We are still working on the plans for the stone wall that will end up here. Any way you cut it, we love the work and can't imagine spending our free time any other way.
The garden a few days ago. Everything is growing well except the rhubarb, which is still in shock. Chris wanted a place to sit down, so he brought the bench down and plopped it by the squash. You see, he doesn't just stand and lean on his shovel. Sometimes he sits and lets the shovel lean on him. Very fair.
Chris and Karen finished the mudroom wall up to the ceiling this week. It had been 3.5 boards shy of the ceiling for a long time now. Those last few boards are difficult to reach, and there just never seemed to be a good reason to finish. With company coming soon, Karen and Mindy are really pushing to polish a few areas of the house. You know, the last 10% of a project that just keeps getting pushed back? Yeah, that's the stuff they want done, and this was one of those spots. The darker shade was finished with a coat of polyacrylic ages ago, and the rest of the wall is as yet untreated.
The garden, as seen from the loft.
The upstairs bedroom, as empty as you'll ever see it. This will be a guest room when company comes in June and July. Until then, it will be a music and a craft room.
We have more pictures of the outside of the house, but with company coming soon, we are holding back a bit for the 'ooooohhhh' and 'aaaaahhhh' effect when they get here. :) So if you're local, you're welcome to come on by. If you're distant, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait a few weeks. :)