Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Faces

Over the course of our build, we have noticed many knots in the wood that, once in awhile, really appear to be looking at us. Not all of these knots ended up in the house, and not all of them are still visible now. But below are a few of the "faces" that are in our house. Maybe you will find them when you come to visit. :)

This is the Chinese dragon.
This is the devil-man. He seems to be friendly enough, though I wouldn't try to double-cross him.
This is the flying Grover, complete with goggles and cape.
This is the ghoul.
This is the ostrich. Apparently he has a woodchip in his left eye, and that has been giving him some trouble.
We made a birdhouse a few weeks ago to cover the top of the septic vent pipe. This house is a bit more appealing than green and white PVC. It also has a familiar shape to it. We used left-over scraps from the interior walls to build it, and some small pieces of leftover roofing to close up the top. It is a scale model of the house - 1' = 1/2". We dressed up the post below it, also, but not in time for this snapshot.
The garden has really come alive! The corn is 8' tall now, and even though not every stalk will produce an ear, it sure is pretty. We will have lots of stalks for decoration this fall.
Some work has been done on the stone wall in front of the house. The curve out toward the East is done, and we have scraped enough dirt away to begin the second wall and patio. We used a garden hose to lay out the curve for the second wall, and now there are stakes in place where we will tie a leveling string. The patio will be on the SE corner (on the right of this picture), and will be about 15' in diameter. Mostly round, possibly elliptical.
Mindy planned a 'girl's night out' at our place last week. We set up a movie screen between two trees, borrowed the projector from church, and with some speakers and a lovely Harman Kardon receiver from craigslist, we were all set.
Apparently watching Princess Bride under the stars and bundled up in quilts makes for quite a good time. I am sure we will do this again. And maybe the boys will be invited next time.