Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Final Floorboards

Apparently we like to work in a mess. Wow! When we're busy making progress, I guess we don't mind what gets left behind in the dust. We finished up the last few boards of the main floor today. This part of the house is the mudroom on the North wall and the kitchen and main entry along the West wall all the way down to the South wall.

More mess.

The finished floor! Well, mostly. We had a lot of helping hands as we finished nailing down the last few boards, and some family from out of town made their first visit to the land just as we finished up. From left to right... Ethan, Gary (on Ben's back), Ben, Eli, Hannah (in the foreground), Benson, Robin, Andy, Mindy, and Karen. Chris is taking the picture. Quite the crew!
On another note... wouldn't a swimming pool look great right where the tarp is laying?


Vasicek said...

You guys made some great progress on the floor, just before today (Monday)'s snow. We had 12" here in town. How much did you get?

The Wests. said...

9" out here. Karen and I shoveled the snow off the house by moonlight tonight. We didn't want the snow melting through the tarps or just settling as a skating rink on top of the house. It's not often you have to shovel snow off your kitchen floor!