Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Plans

As requested by Sean Kelly, whose family is also building a Canadian FirstDay, here are the plans for our house. The footprint is 30' x 36'. You can see on the main page how the South wall will look with finished windows, and also how the loft will overlook the kitchen and living room.
This is the main level, and will be as open as we can make it, with a large kitchen and island area, dining room, and living room.
The lower level will have a radiant floor from which should keep the area very comfortable. Andy and Mindy's three boys will share the large bedroom on the North wall, and we have some good ideas to make that a pretty neat space for them.
The loft level will hold an additional bedroom on the North side, and the rest will be open, overlooking the living room on the East and the kitchen on the West. Chris would like a fire pole to slide down from the loft to the living room, but unfortunately has been outvoted.

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