Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Camp

Ahh... home sweet home! This is where Karen and Chris lived when we first moved to Massachusetts. The stones in front of the tent were important to Karen - she wanted somewhere off the ground to keep her shoes. Note the spacious, walk in closet. :)
This is the big tent. With three rooms, there proved to be plenty of space for Andy, Mindy, and their three boys.Sometimes nature makes a local call. The shower rock proved to be ideal for its purpose, and we enjoyed the most wonderful showers standing on it in 40 degree evenings. Secured to a tree above the rock is a solar shower bag. It held 5 gallons of water, and more importantly, had a small shower head. With a maximum of 5 gallons for four showers, we all got in the practice of lathering up with cold water from the blue container, then rinsing with the warm water under the shower. We heated the shower water on the propane camp stove, so even though it was pretty short, it really was a perfect end to a tough day of clearing land.

This is a good view of the kitchen against the hill and the dining room inside the screen tent. We had company on this day, and you can see two chickens roasting on the spit that we had a lot of fun making. That's Mindy and the boys in the picture, relaxing on a lovely spring day.
We cleared, turned over, and planted a lovely garden about 30 yards from the tents. It showed great promise for a few weeks, but was eventually done in by the acidic soil and the attacks of acid-friendly local plants. The final harvest consisted of a few tiny carrots and some beans. Or peas. I can't quite recall.

Despite not having jobs, homes, or as some would suggest, a clue, we really loved our time in the woods. It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, of course, but we built lasting memories and really bonded with each other and the land itself.

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