Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Alignment of the Lower Level

After lifting all the joists into place on one day and throwing tarps over everything, we started the next day with high hopes. It ended up taking us the entire day to square and align all of the posts and joists. We had a lot of distractions that day, and a lot of help, which made for some slower progress than we expected.

This view is looking over the South wall into the lower level. The foundation wall is 30' away, and as you can see, we will have excellent light during the low sun winter months. That will heat up our slab very well, as well as look and feel great.

Nailing some joists in place. Note that not everything is measured and in place yet, so if some of these angles seem off, don't worry - we made sure they were correct before we hammered any nails. This angle provides a good view of the building pattern of the joists.

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