Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Return of the Brush Pile

We straightened up the backyard this week. FirstDay says they provide roughly 5% extra lumber to take care of miscuts or damaged wood. The unused 2x6 flooring is stacked under the sawhorses, and the unused 1x8 tongue and groove sheathing is stacked on top. We have very little exterior shiplap remaining, and we used all of the supplied dimensional lumber; the 2x4s, 2x6s, etc. Some of the sheathing boards were left out all winter, and those are stacked on pallets to the left of the clean wood. They are beautifully weathered, and we will use them all. Some of them will become sides to the trailer.
Andy and Eli cleaned up an extra set of wheels from Andy's old Forester to put up on craigslist. They are just taking up space, and de-junking is always a therapeutic feeling.
Chris offered to pay 1 penny for every nail the boys found outside. He has paid out over 50 cents so far, and even Piper seems interested to get in on the action.
The brush pile was gone for a few days, but now it is back. There are a few more trees cut down since last week, and the hillside seems more flat every time we look at it. We have big plans for this area. Big plans, I tell you.
Andy stacked some more wood this week. Less on the ground, and more on the pallets. We have since expanded our pallet row, and will have even more wood stacked here to dry in the sun.
Yes, he likes blueberrries. :)

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OUR CLAN said...

Big plans huh? What might those be? Or would that be top secret? Did he find the blueberries on your land?