Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Logs

Andy and Chris' sister came up from NYC with her children this week, and boys had a good time watching a movie on the wall. It made for a fun break before we put them all to work.
It's hard to share a tractor with so many boys! The boys swapped happily between driving and riding in the bucket. They tried to lift the chain, but it may be another year or two before they can actually carry it.
Hunter's turn to drive. He and Nathan are country boys at heart, but they live in the Bronx for now. Where they run around barefoot and climb the trees in the yard. :)
Hunter is driving, Chris is walking shotgun, and Andy doesn't know Karen is taking pictures. Edit: Karen didn't take this picture... I think Robin did.
By the end of the day, we had burned a lot of brush and moved a lot of logs. The excavation company will be back during the first week of May, so we need to have the rest of the area cleaned out before they arrive. Lots to do on the next few weekends.
The plants have popped up, and they eagerly follow the light as best they can.
The sunflowers really took off over the last few days. All the plants have been moved next to the windowsills now, and it won't be long before we'll need to move them to larger pots.
This pictures shows three things - First, you can see the progress Karen has made in sanding off the whitewash on the East wall of our bathroom. She decided she preferred the natural wood, so it's all coming off. Second, the door has been hung on the track, and now slides freely from side to side. We like dual-purpose engineering, so Karen wants to put a mirror on the door itself. Maybe on boty sides. When she has those picked out, we will route the door to provide a recessed area for the mirror to be mounted and still slide into the wall. Third, Karen and Chris put up some curtains - but we keep them wide open all the time, because we're so used to falling asleep to the moonlight!
Andy and Mindy put up curtains this week also, and they have started to move into their rooom. It's good to be home.
The boys' bathroom received another coat or two of paint. It's a very cool room.


Hannah said...

So great to see all those little boys working and playing!!! LOVE the picture of Andy! The house looks more and more beautiful every post!

OUR CLAN said...

Wow, such progress! Is Andy practicing to be in a lumberjack contest??