Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Logs

We spent most of Saturday getting together with family in New Hampshire. Live free or die! So we lived free, but we didn't make very much progress on the house. We did have a great visit with family up at the beach in Seabrook, though.

The living room changed a little this week - the pew has moved, and some photos have been added to the "shelf" above the windows.
Yes, it's warm! Eli isn't too sure about the motorcycle. We burned a lot of construction scrap and brush in the background, and the pile has shrunk considerably. It grew and grew over the last year, and then everything froze solid over the winter, and eventually it was just a giant monstrosity of mess. We are glad to see it mostly gone.
Benson helped with the steel wool and another coat of oil and urethane on the window sills. We have three coats on now, and there is a pleasant but not overbearing sheen on the wood now. It looks and feels well protected, so we expect to leave it at three coats.
With the warmer weather, the pull of the outdoors has been constant. Our garden spot needs to be cleared and prepared, so we spent some effort cleaning up the space to the right of the driveway. This is a before picture, so nothing has been moved yet. Except for Andy's car, which is parked in the woods past the stone wall.
This is an after picture. We used the tractor to move some logs off the pile - some have been moved across the driveway, and some have been moved up the alley behind the house. Without a mill, they will need to wait for a bit. The chainsaw will be used to cut down some of the larger logs into manageable lengths. The oak logs 18" around and 12' long are just too heavy to move with our tractor. It has saved our backs a lot of work, but it only weighs 2,000 lbs itself, and some of these logs weigh far more than that. The parking lot in front of the house this morning.

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OUR CLAN said...

Looks like you have made some good progress! Nice to see all your pics.