Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Three New Pictures

Not so much picture-taking went on this week, but here you go...

Mindy transplanted the starts into some larger containers. The rolling workbench came in really handy for this job. The sunflowers on the right are supposed to grow up to 12 feet tall!
This picture is from a couple weeks ago. I wanted to show the progress between then and now. The large pile of trunks is here, the firewood stacked/tossed behind them, the large brush pile, etc.
I took this picture this morning (4/22) before I left for work. The stack of millable wood has all been moved, the brush pile is 95% burned, and all of the useful firewood has been moved. Lots of movement. Next up is to rebuild the stone wall at the edge of the house site, move the gravel, and pull a few more logs down from the upper hillside.
This is where a lot of the firewood has ended up. The wood here will dry for a year or two, and we will start using it in the winter of 2010.

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OUR CLAN said...

We had a wood pile like that at one point in time. I kind of miss it. There is nothing like having a good wood fire going to heat up the house. Thanks for keeping us all posted on your doings. Its so nice to see it!