Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Cold Frames

Benson drove the tractor for awhile this week, helping us clear the last few logs and piles of firewood from the future garden spot. We also took a few trees down.
Freshly cut wood. Isn't it pretty?
I hope you didn't have anything too grand in mind because of the post title. We had some extra straw lying around, and along with a left-over 2x10 and some roadside windows, we have ourselves some functioning cold frames. Not too pretty, but it's not like they're right in front of the house or anything. Well, where were supposed to put them? That's the south side! All told, Mindy planted 825 dixie cups with vegetables and flowers. It just got to be too many to keep moving in and out of the house.
The hillside as of Saturday afternoon. We are very excited to see the changes take place here. We will have flatness!
Ethan turned 7 this week! And he received a plant from somebody that seems to have made him pretty happy about things. :) Sorry about the red-eye. I'll see about fixing that.


OUR CLAN said...

#825!!!!! Who's army is she planning on feeding?!

The Wests. said...

Ha ha. The West army. :)

A lot of the starts are flowers, but I'm not sure what percentage. We'll be interested to see what we have room for, and how much food we will be able to give away. Zucchinis for everybody!