Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Backfilled Utility Trench

The utility trench was backfilled last week. There was some delay by the subcontractor. I know, I know, I say that all the time. They came out one night and didn't work because they couldn't find the key to the excavator. They made some calls to the guy who drove it last, looked all around in the cab of the excavator, and still couldn't find the key. The boss ended up buying a new key from the manufacturer and getting to work at our place on Thursday.

On Saturday, 20 miles away at Andy and Mindy's apartment, Benson found a little key and asked Mindy if dad was missing a tractor key. Eli pipes up - "no, that's the key to the big orange and grey tractor". Oooops!Andy hung the pocket door in the mudroom this week. It glides nice and smooth.
The door to the boy's room in the basement is also hung. It's kind of a hassle to use, so we just walk through the walls to save time.
Doors, doors, doors. This is the door from the craft room to the utility room. It works, but we just walk around it.

It was a busy week, and this week is already busy on paper. We'll be at the beach for Labor Day, and have some plans for the house later in the week. Ideally, the utility company will be able to connect our power lines this week. That will be a great change.

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