Sunday, August 17, 2008

The 17th of August

Andy and a local friend worked in the basement for a bit on Saturday. We screwed 2x4 supports to the ceiling - the insulation will run right up to the ceiling, and will be screwed into those 2x4 supports. Andy seems pretty happy with how they came out.
Benson and another friend are painting the siding. We painted a first and second coat on about 40 boards, and put a first coat on another 20 or so. One more sunny day and all the siding will be cranberry zinged. Benson tolerates the brush-work, but greatly prefers the roller.
Another load of materials from Home Depot. There's a pressure treated 4x4 post there for the mailbox, some 3/4" PVC pipe that will be buried so we can run a light from the house back to the edge of the house site. It will be our Narnia light, and it may turn out to be a pretty cool way to watch the snow fall. The light will be about 250 ft. from the South wall of the house.
This is the panel we built to be installed next to the last utility pole. The meter for power and the phone will be mounted to this. We have a few ideas to make this more attractive than it seems, but if anybody has any suggestions, we're listening.

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