Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Utility Trench

Andy added a touch of home this week. We almost look official now! He was feeling creative with the circular saw, so the post has some attractive geometry at the top. It's nice to see the mailbox there. I really look forward to shoveling it out of the snowbank in a few months.The excavator finally showed up this week. They dug the utility trench between the last pole and the house. The electrician laid a 4" pipe for power, a 3" pipe for phone, and Andy laid a 3/4" pipe for our own line back to the edge of the site. When the trench is backfilled, the cables can be pulled through the pipes and run into the house. It's an awful mess right now, and I'll be glad to see this covered up.
The view from the hill. The power runs along the side of the house, and enters on the west wall of the northwest corner. We were worried about the ledge there, but they seem to have gotten around it just fine.

In the larger version of this picture (click the picture to open it bigger), you can tell that this is the Landy Excellent Excavator. Makes you wonder what other models they have... acceptable? super-awesome? In any case, this is one is excellent. And it has two cranberry zing handprints on it. At the height of a 3-year old. Not much of a mystery there.When he's not painting excavators, Eli actually looks pretty peaceful. He was hanging out in the house yesterday while Karen sanded, Andy worked on the framing for the mudroom pocket door, and Chris and Benson worked on the framing for the pocket door to Chris and Karen's bathroom.
Benson is busy with the hammer. This is the framing for above the pocket door. The drain for the toilet is on Benson's left, and is sunk against the floor. We have chosen to keep the wood floor in the bathroom instead of using tile or anything else. We plan to use an epoxy of some kind, then some marine sealant to keep the wood free of any external moisture.
The half-bath in the mudroom took a bit of intricate framework. It is in a small corner of a small room, so we are utilizing a pocket door to save on space.

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OUR CLAN said...

You guys are making such good progress. It almost makes me want to build a house, but only almost. It looks like way too much work.
amber (mindy's sister)