Sunday, August 10, 2008

The First Rough Plumbing

This is the rough plumbing in Chris and Karen's bathroom. They will have two sinks here, connected to the drain and the vent seen here. It's nice to see the infrastructure go up, but it sure gets tricky to hide it all well.Andy painted lots of boards on Saturday. I know these pictures all look the same, but really, they're different days. In fact, the upper set of boards has a set of dusty dog prints on the left hand side. I think it was Dory, the Whippet/Russell mix that is new to the family. She and her friend Bean, a Brittany Spaniel, joined us this week when Mindy caved and couldn't resist them. They really are good dogs, and they are both a welcome addition out here. I don't have any pictures of them this week.
We built a frame for the pocket door to Chris and Karen's bedroom. From this angle, the door way will be on the left, and will slide into a pocket that we haven't built yet. Everything is the correct height now, and once the rough inspection is done, we'll get the pocket framed and hang the door.
We did a lot more work in the basement, and have nearly all of it insulated now. There are just a few spots left to do along the lower wall, and then all the trim work at the top. That will take some time, because the rafters are in the way, and we'll have to trim around each of them individually. Our hammer drill broke Saturday afternoon, or we would have made more progress here. We'll replace it this coming week and get right back to it.
We have a new house rule: No more craigslist. Chris took the picture below driving home our latest toy. Tool... I said tool! This will extend our abilities considerably and allow us to take on projects around the house site that we otherwise could not have considered.

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