Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Pressure Tank

We framed the pocket door to Chris and Karen's bedroom. There is not a lot of surface area, so we chose to use wood screws in place of nails for these doors. They seem very solid. For now, we'll use the doors that came with the FirstDay kit, but eventually, I think some of our doors will be swapped out for french doors with glass panes. We'll see.
The electrician installed the circuit box in the house this week. The well guys were busy, too. They ran the lines from the well to the house and installed the pressure tank. It's pretty big and ugly. Maybe we can paint it pink to match the walls.

Andy finished the framing peak for the bedroom at the end of the loft. Now it's all set for drywall - this is one wall that will be painted instead of pine sheathing. I think the girls have chosen green. My guess is that there's a fancy name for the actual paint, but the color will still be... yep, green.
We also made some good progress with spending money this week, and our wallets are emptier than ever. We bought three sinks, two toilets, one water heater, and have chosen several faucets that we'll be ordering soon. Not a bad haul! With four opinions to work around, it can be tough to make decisions sometimes, but this feels like good progress. There just aren't too many more fixtures on which to fixate.

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