Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sanding, The Tub, and Some Other Stuff

We had a very busy Saturday... which always feels wonderful.

The electrical panel is up near the last pole, and all of the electrical lines are connected. The power may actually be on at this very moment. After so many months of work, that's a pretty neat thing.A few months ago we put up a picture of a chipmunk eating seeds on a little bird feeder. Well, apparently the chipmunk let a seed drop by the wayside, and it happened to fall on good soil. We have a sunflower! And we probably ought to mow the lawn...
Andy framed in the doors to he and his wife's bedroom. They'll have two french doors here soon, and it should be a real pretty spot with the sun coming in through the window in the morning.
So tell me this... not to define gender roles, but how do four men end up outside scrubbing a tub while the girls are inside using power tools? I mean, that just doesn't seem right. The tub was quite a transformation, though, and it was fun to watch it change. Most of the marks on the porcelain came off with elbow grease, and there are just a few spots on the inside that will require a solvent of some kind. We have painted the outside surface and the feet, and now there is a real crisp line between the inside and outside surfaces.

Eli likes to work, and sanding a floor is one job right at his level. We will be sanding the floor to stain and seal it before the tub and vanities are put in place. This is the only bathroom in the house that will end up with the original wood floor. The mudroom bath will have a slate floor, and the two bathrooms downstairs will have acid stained concrete floors. We still haven't fully decided on a floor stain. Andy and Chris have decided to agree with Mindy and Karen, so... yep, we're waiting on the girls to tell us what we all like.More sanding. Eli is in the way back, Mindy is working the DeWalt, and Jenn Baird is working the Craftsman. Lots o' work being done here, and it's nice to have friends out to help.
The kitchen floor is not the final resting place for the tub, but Karen decided to take a break and enjoy it here anyway. The faucet came in the mail on Monday, so we're excited to put it in place and see how it looks all together.
This was a photo from one night during this week. Karen is sanding in her and Chris' bedroom, and the lamp really throws some good light around the house. Andy and Mindy's french doors can be seen leaning against one of the loft posts on the right.
The jointer was put to good use this week as we prepared wood for the loft railing. We've decided on a square look for the railing, so we are busy ripping and smoothing 2x2 stock.
This was Saturday's crew. Lots of happy faces. Some are yawning, some are chewing oreos, and one is trying to look a little bit taller with a creative use of blocks.
So yes, the blog wasn't up on Sunday afternoon. Chris and Karen decided to run down to NY for the afternoon to visit Chris' sister. Karen was busy with the camera as we were taking a "shortcut" through the Bronx. Russell was clamoring for a blog update last night, and if nobody else, he'll appreciate this pic.


Kelly Tillotson said...

I get so excited when I see all the work you have accomplished--its so amazing! I can't even imagine Tom and I building our own home....I am sure it would look more like the leaning tower of pisa than the beaut you're creating. Everyone's hard work is really paying off!

The Wests. said...

Thank you, Kelly!

I think you and Tom would build a fine house. Brigham could help, too... maybe. :)

Floor Sanding said...

Wow, so much work! Who would have thought that sanding would be this exhausting?! The floors look FANTASTIC.