Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Week Mindy Was Right

The four of us had some big e-mail discussions this week about stoves, floor stains, colors, railings, and who knows what else. Mindy had some great ideas about the floor, had done some research on options, and we all agreed that she was right. Anyway, that's the story about the blog title... now on to the work this week!

The power is turned on at the house finally! All the connections were made a week or so ago, but the utility company hadn't flipped the switch yet. So we called the utility company...

Us: Hello, we are building a new residence on Skyline Trail. The poles and lines were installed and inspected, but the power is not turned on at the house yet. Will you flip the switch so we have power, please?

Them: Well, let me look. Ahh, well, it says here that you haven't paid your bill for installation yet. We can't turn on the power until you pay the bill.

Us: Ok. Umm, wait... we haven't received a bill yet. How much was it for?

Them: Oh, we haven't sent it yet.

Us: Oh, ok. Well, how much is it, and we'll come in tomorrow with a check.

Them: Oh, we don't know. We haven't generated the final amount yet.

Us: So... ummm... what if we pay $2,000 tomorrow, and if that's too much you can just issue us a refund later. We would really like the power turned on.

Them: Um, ok.

Us: Yippee!

We have the beginnings of a septic system now. The tank is in, the lines are connected, and the leach field is dug. It's neat to see the grading of what will be lawn next summer. The slope of the land was really disrupted during the excavation process, and now we can begin to see how things will look when construction is wrapped up.
The view from the house. This was taken through the screen, so the image is a bit odd.
Benson, Ethan, and Eli were taking some pictures the other night, and the next few shots are from their budding artist portfolios. This first pictures is Andy preparing some wood for a bathroom vanity. He and Chris cut the framing pieces for two vanities and assembled one of them before the tornado of the two younger boys got to be too much. Benson was a big help, and is getting really good with the drill.
Proof that Chris does actually work once in awhile.
I don't really know, but this much is clear... Benson is taking the picture, Ethan is holding earmuffs in front of his face, Eli is just behind Ethan, and Andy is smiling at something Chris must have been talking about... which is odd, because Chris is always so somber.


another day in the life of... said...

The week Mindy was right. Oh how sweet the sound. I shall cherish this entry for as long as we all shall live!

The Wests. said...

Ahh, the sweet, sweet sound of love at home.



JENNIFER said...

I LOVE THE EXCITING GRADING!! I must go look at that up close.

I can't wait to share all my lawn growing tips with you next year...wait I think I got my lawn growing tips from Mindy...."who is always right."