Monday, February 23, 2009

The Next Color

Here is a brighter photo of the teal that only lasted a few days on the wall. It just wasn't right for the house. Don't worry, though. We broke the news gently. "No, renoir, it's not us. It's you."
Mindy felt creative before the wall was fully primered over. Again. Actually, this next coat of primer was the third coat of primer on this wall, and the final color became the third final color.
More graffiti on the walls, though some of the brush strokes here are still visible in the final coat of paint. Braille, you might say.
Primering in the loft. Priming doesn't sound as fun.
Yes, at first blush, this green may look kind of pukey. The green plays, though. Oh, it plays well. We like it in the sun, we like it under the lights, we like it against the wood, and we like it against the black furniture.
Working our way higher.
This view shows how the color goes with the wood of the house. Derby is in the corner of the loft here - Chris' dad made this for the boys about 30 years ago. he has taken some hard knocks over the years, but is still part of the family.
Pretty much the same shot, but I couldn't choose between the two so I just threw them both up on the blog.
So there you have it... from toothpast to renoir to the final color - which is called "Appalachian Trail", by the way. The name has provenance, so it makes the color even more appealing to us.


The Robinsons said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! It was a lot of fun to see the decision process! Much better than just saying...look, we chose green! We love it.

OUR CLAN said...

Ah yes, yet another mindy escapade. Living with her will always turn your lives into an adventure. I sure like the color you guys ended up with! Its very nice.