Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Kitchen Door Frame

Mindy had a good time making this wall look great. This might be the first view of the finished chandelier in the dining room. The glass from the first light was broken, and this replacement piece took a long time to arrive. We all grew accustomed to three bare bulbs, but this new "finished" look is growing on us, too.
Chris and Andy finished the drywall in the kitchen and installed some of the cherry framing around the door and window. Andy spackled it in the afternoon, and we should have paint up there pretty soon. There is just one more piece to do in the kitchen now - the spot where the range hood will vent through the wall. We need to buy the vent kit and put that in before we add the drywall.
A different angle, showing the afternoon light and the window frames. The window sill is 9 1/2", and will grow by 3/4" when the trim is added to the perimeter. Plenty deep for some pretty plants or whatever somebody decides is appropriate for window sills.
New shirts for the boys on Sunday morning.
Next year's warmth.
This picture was on the camera when I pulled the latest pictures off of it, but I'm not sure who to credit for it. In any case, I think it's a great view of the ridge next to the house. The house is about 100' to the left of this angle, and the BBQ area is directly behind the photographer. The fog and snow really make it feel like spring, but we've had another foot of snow since this picture is taken, and we're beginning to think that snow may stick around for a long time yet.


OUR CLAN said...

That is a heck of a picture of the boys. They sure are characters aren't they?! You home is looking so beautiful. Thanks for keeping us posted:)

The Wests. said...

Our pleasure!

Glad you like the picture of the boys. They are all so different!