Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Whitewash

Chris and Karen's bathroom saw some changes this week. Karen has been wanting to whitewash (or pickle, depending on what you want to google) the wood surfaces in the bathroom for awhile now. It turned out to be a pretty simple process: reduce standard white bathroom paint by 25% with water, apply with a brush, let sit for 1 minute, then wipe off the excess with a clean rag. Karen painted, and Chris followed close behind with a towel.
Karen took a break, and actually seemed to be pretty comfortable.
Mindy picked up a mirror a week or two ago that has found a home in our bathroom until hers is finished. Unfortunately, Karen is getting used to it, and seems to want one of her own now. Thanks, Mindy. :) Also, Benson wanted to help with the painting, and the quickest way to get into a safe outfit was to remove everything but boxers and put on an apron. Not your normal handy man outfit, but it worked, and he was happy to help.
We tried several different shades of white, and ended up putting another coat on this section here. Too little paint and it just looks chalky, and too much paint and you can't see the grain and the knots very well. As in most things, somewhere in the middle works out just fine.
Benson trimmed some insulation for the craft room wall. He wears his ear muffs just like his Dad and his Uncle do - wrapped around his temples until he needs them. If you set them down, they're like the missing sock in the dryer. They just vanish for a month or two.
Same piece of insulation a few minutes later. We are trimming some pieces for around the window, and will be ready to put up some sheathing boards soon.
While Benson and Chris worked downstairs, Andy patched some drywall in the kitchen by extending the plane up to the roof pitch. This makes the wall look much more finished, and adds some height to the kitchen also. Once we goup it up with joint compound, this will really be a nice wall.
Karen being Karen. :)
Happy Birthday, Eli!

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OUR CLAN said...

Tell Eli happy birthday from us too! The house is looking good!