Friday, January 2, 2009

The Vestibule Supports

So... this post is pretty weak sauce, but it's better than missing the whole week, right?

Mindy gets credit for most of the pictures this week, since Chris left his camera somewhere over the holidays. Mindy likes to take pictures of her boys. :)

While the sleds were buried under the snow a week or so ago, Mindy and the boys improvised and found a place to slide on their own. Incidentally, you can see the supports we put up to strengthen the vestibule roof.
Another view of the slide. Also visible here is the back side of the woodpile. We are pretty curious about the heating needs for the house, and we figure we have between 1 and 2 cords of wood stacked back here. We seem to light a fire in the later afternoon/early evening most days, and that keeps the house plenty warm. We open a window when we clear 80 degrees, but 70-75 feels awfully nice when it's single digits outside.
New pajamas on Christmas Eve! I don't think the boys understood the pose, but we thought it was funny. Benson didn't.
Thank you, Mom and Dad! We have seven pairs of snow shoes hanging in the mudroom now thanks to Andy and Chris' parents. They'll take some getting used to, and we are all looking forward to a really big snow so we can try them out.
The boys enjoy watching car videos on Chris' computer. On a work related note, you can see the sheathing boards cut and placed on the windowsills in the background. The boards had just come in from outside, so we let them dry (shrink) for a few days before we nailed them down.
Like I said. Weak sauce. We'll have more up early next week, because we actually have made some good progress on the downstairs that we're excited to share.

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Hey your right, weak sauce is better than none. I for one think its great, every day stuff is interesting.