Monday, December 22, 2008

The Boys' Bathroom

Signs of the season. We had our first big snow of the year this past weekend, and everything is beautifully white. The sleds, unfortunately, are buried underneath the snow somewhere. Perhaps we'll have a short thaw so they can be recovered before spring.
Andy spent some time in the boys' bathroom this week, framing in tricky bits and putting up drywall. Between the stairs and the plumbing, there is a lot of time-consuming work here.
Same view as the previous photo, but a little further along. With some good tape and mud, this will look really good soon. We put up a bit more drywall after this shot, and only have a few more night's work in here before we can start to finish off the surface.
The other side of the shower. The supply for the shower head is visible here, and will be plumbed directly through the wall.
Between the two weekend days, we had just about 18" of snow. On the right side of the house, above the living room, you can see where a large section of snow slid off the roof. When rain falls off the house, it drops straight down once it clears the edge of the tin. Snow is a totally different story. Snow gathers mass and inertia, and hits the ground about 10' from the house - exactly where the roof pitch would put it if the roof continued all the way to the ground. There is quite a 'wumph' when it hits, so we will definitely not be parking any cars alongside the kitchen windows!
We didn't clear the snow on Saturday, but three out of four cars drive through the snow just fine. The Miata knows when it is out of its element, and stays parked safely at the top.
Over the stone wall and into the clearing. The trails through the woods are gorgeous this time of year, and the hemlocks in particular really add to the scenery.
This is what the cars look like after tromping through a foot of snow. Sometimes we go up the hill a little sideways, with all four wheels spinning. Totally accidental, of course. Safety first!


OUR CLAN said...

How gorgeous! What a winter wonderland! That fireplace inside makes it so you can enjoy it. Merry Christmas

The Wests. said...

Merry Christmas to you all also, Amber.

Do you have a lot of snow out where you are?

OUR CLAN said...

Yep! We have had one storm after another. Some storms leave us 4" the next might leave 2" etc. . . then yesterdays storm left us with about 7" by the time it was done. The storm thats forcast for Christmas day is supposed to be "one you will tell your grandkids about". So it will be really big. We have had enough snow of late that for the past 2 days I have not seen Kerry because he has been at the college plowing.

Chad and Oléa Gough Family said...

Wow! Looking at pictures of your house and your land makes me feel like your living in a dream. It must be so nice to be away from the world in your own little space. We will definitely have to come for a visit! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

JENNIFER said...

Are you sure the sound the snow makes is "wumph?"

The Wests. said...

Oh yes, I'm quite sure of the sound. It's very distinctive. :)

Olea, it is very nice to be away from the world. We call it addition by subtraction.

And you are welcome anytime at all, of course. We would love to show you around out here!

olivia said...

I've been lurking for a bit now and thought I'd start the New Year off by saying hello and how much I've enjoyed your blog and watching your progress. As someone who dreams of doing what you're doing, I'm so impressed! :-)

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday in your lovely home!

The Wests. said...

Thanks for taking the time, Olivia.

How long have you been lurking? I'm always curious to hear how people came across the blog.

We're glad you're enjoying the progress. I'll have a few more pictures up later tonight.


olivia said...

Hi Chris ... been lurking for a few months. My friend and her husband built their own house, and she sent me the link to firstday cottages as an example of what they did. I spent a lot of time browsing the site and the photos before I got the idea to check for people blogging! LOL ... anyways, that's how I found you. I just love the photo of your red house w/ all the windows against the snowy woods. Beautiful. :)