Monday, January 5, 2009

The Drywall Progress

Mud. Lots o' mud. That's how things are going now, with progress being made in the kitchen, two bathrooms, a bedroom, and a hallway. With more progress being thought about in another bedroom and another bathroom. Yes, it seems like it will never end.

This is the South wall in the loft. There is a 3-bent bedroom on the other side of the wall where Andy and Mindy are living for now. This wall continues from the peak to the basement, so there is a considerable amount of surface area here.
We installed two medicine cabinets in Chris and Karen's bathroom. They are surface mounted, but will eventually be replaced with flush mounted built in cabinets. The wall they are on is 4.5" deep, so the permanent cabinets should be big enough for all sorts of things.
At 10:30 am, the sunlight matches directly with the orientation of the house, and the light from the window parallels the grooves on the floor. Plus, it's pretty. :)
This is Andy and Mindy's bedroom at the moment. What, doesn't everybody keep tablesaws in their bedroom? We spent some time working here on Friday and Saturday, and have made a bit of progress with the last of the insulation and a bit of drywall. The South wall also has 16' of window sill installed, along with drywall below the sill. Consensus hasn't yet been reached about the wall above the sill. The possibilities include bookshelves, sheetrock, bare wood, and several combinations of each.
We anchored the final pieces of insulation to the foundation with 4" tapcon screws through some 2x4s that we ripped in thirds. With the rigid foam stuck tight against the concrete, the air spaces that would cause moisture accumulation are eliminated.
The boys' bathroom under the stairs has seen some attention, and with some sanding and another skim coat or two will be ready for painting.
The same bathroom, but on the vanity side of things.
This is the view from within Andy and Mindy's room. As you can see, there is lots of light coming through the egress windows on the South wall. The craft room in the background is much darker because it is so closed off, but every room with southern exposure is very bright. The doorjams are secured, and the double french doors are primed, but not yet installed. We will put those up after all the woodworking tools are cleared out of the room.
Another view of the South wall, showing the window sill and the sheetrock below it. There are some 2x4s stacked on the sill that are as twisty as can be. We made the mistake of leaving them flat on the concrete floor for too long, and they have all twisted beyond the point of being usable.
The snowshoes all hung on the wall... thanks, Mom and Dad!


Anonymous said...

Karen I miss you!!!!

Kara, your bestest friend

OUR CLAN said...

How fun!! Keep it up and keep the pictures coming! It is looking so great!