Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Tools

We were all out of town this weekend for Andy and Chris' younger brother's wedding. Congratulations to Russell and Amy!

So yeah, nothing was done on the house. We did think ahead, though, and took this picture last weekend so we would still have a useful post for the blog. This is a one-stop picture of nearly all the tools we've used so far to build the house.

John at FirstDay has a good list of recommended tools, and many of them are pictured here.

I won't itemize each tool individually, but if you have any questions, I'll try to answer specific questions as best I can.

The only two high-dollar items are the generator and the Makita circular saw. They're both worth it, and we wouldn't hesitate to buy the same models again. The generator is a 2200 watt unit with a Honda engine, purchased for $500 from Northern Tool. The Makita is the model mentioned on John's list, and cost about $150 from Home Depot. Everything else cost less than $200 combined, and is really all you need. When we build our next FirstDay, we won't need to add another tool, and there isn't anything we wished we had this time.

We appreciate good tools, and generally try to buy the best we can. To that end, we never really felt like spending enough on a cordless drill to add it to our shop. We've been happy with our manual bit and brace, and only used a traditional corded drill for the sill plates.
Ok... no more fluffy posts. Time for some meat and potatoes progress next week.

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