Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Logs

It was a wet day up at the house on Saturday. We didn't like the idea of putting caulk around the windows right before another rainstorm, and putting wet insulation on a wet wall didn't exactly thrill us, either. Fortunately, we found some other things to do - we prepped a few window holes on the East wall, skidded some logs with Andy's Subaru, and moved some of the gravel we dug out of the basement.

Here's the Subaru, about to pull the first log. We harvested some cherry down in the house site awhile ago, and it's about time we stored it somewhere properly. The logs were 6 ft. long and about a foot in diameter. Nothing too big, but it will make some nice furniture one day. With a timber hitch around the log and two half hitches around the tow ball on the car, the logs pulled right out. We'll buy a length of chain this week , since we plan to do some more pulling in the future; logs, stone, an unruly pig, who knows what else...
Yes, this is still a lot of gravel. We started to move it out of the way on Saturday, and have begun a new pile where the garden used to be. Eventually we'll have it all out of the way. Just in time to move it again! We plan to use this gravel under the stone path we'll have on the West side of the house, leading to the main door of the house.

This link below is a video of the first log being pulled. We've found that sometimes you need to click more than once on the play button. Sorry about the breathing in the background... that was Chris. Apparently he was winded after climbing a 5' pile of dirt to watch the show.

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