Monday, May 26, 2008

The East Roof and East Windows

This is a special holiday sized post. We worked for an hour or so on Friday night, most of Saturday, and until early afternoon on Monday. It was a gorgeous weekend.

Andy and Chris finished the East roof on Saturday morning, then put up the ridge peak. They may look quite comfortable, but that roof is pretty tough on knees and ankles. There are just a few screws left to finish, and then we won't need to be back up there until we put in the vent stack for plumbing and the chimney pipe for the wood stove. It cleans up a bit of space in the backyard, too - it's nice to see the roof up and installed instead of laying around.

Karen took these pictures, and this one gives a better sense of scale. It's a long way up there. We had some rope tied off to a tree and the Subaru, but it kept getting in the way. We only used the rope after we had put the last piece of roofing up, and no longer had the lathing strips to walk along.
The rarely photographed East side, just after the roof was finished.It's a good feeling to know that we won't need to mess around with tarps anymore. They kept a lot of moisture out of the house, but they are a real hassle.

Karen is working on some bits between the dining room. I had a great close-up shot of her swinging the hammer, with insulation particles in the sunlight, a woman very focused on her work. She made me promise not to publish it, but this one's good, too.
Eli was helping to measure. He's quite happy to pose for pictures. Andy replaced our temporary stair treads with the actual 2x12 treads we'll use permanently. He's cutting a piece of sheathing for Karen now.
The new stair treads are installed here. We don't have the kick boards put up yet, but since that will require a lot of ripping with the table saw, we'll wait until we have that up at the house before we do all of them.
Wow... all clean! We had some company over to the house on Monday for a Memorial Day BBQ, and while I'd like to say that we cleaned the house before they arrived, we didn't. There's always so much to do! So yes, our guests cleaned our house for us. Yep, we'll have them over again. :) Note our shrinking stack of windows here, too. Our window count is as follows: 18 standard size, 2 kitchen size, and 4 egress sliders. That's a lot of windows to install, but we have 7 standard windows under our belt now. Not quite on the home stretch, but no longer beginners.
These two are in the North end of the loft, in a bedroom.
These three are in the living room, and look East. They'll let lots of morning sun into the house.
This is the East side of the house, and from this angle, you can see all the windows we've put in so far; two in the upper level on the North side, two in the Northeast corner, and three in the Southeast corner.The parting shot for the day. Karen, Chris, and Brian, a local friend, have all done some work on moving the kitchen window. You can see where Karen has sheathed up the hole for one window, and two bents further South, you can see where Chris and Brian sheathed around the future window. Some trimming of the insulation, then that will come out. The sheathing will be a bit more tricky to trim out, but we'll let you know how that goes.

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