Saturday, March 1, 2008

The First Part of the South Wall

Mindy made pancakes for dinner last night, and I confess... I chose pancakes and applesauce over updating the blog. I'm weak.

I remembered to snap a few pictures while people were working on Saturday afternoon, though. Mindy and the boys were out for awhile, Karen was out for awhile, and Andy and Chris were out for most of the day. Andy is working on the South wall here. This will be the South end of the kitchen.

Karen is doing the same thing, but on the East end of the South wall. She's laughing about something - probably because I'm too close with the camera and she keeps knocking the nail crooked. :)

We just can't catch a break with the weather... we spent a few hours shoveling around the house on Saturday morning, and it snowed off and on for most of the day. By the time we left at 6, it was really coming down. You can see the window placement well here - the kitchen will be on the left, the dining room that we haven't framed in yet is in the middle, and the living room end that Karen worked on is on the far right. When more of the snow has melted, we'll frame in the windows for the basement, and siding will go on there, too.

And for any of you curious about why we don't bother to plow our driveway, here's why:


Johnny Metropolis said...

Pretty cool site. I like watching your progress. I expect an invite when it's all done.

John Maxim (aka Elder Henderson)

The Wests. said...

You're always welcome, Hendu.

Though if you'd prefer a formal invitation, you'll get that, too. Just give us a few more months... :)