Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Lower North Wall

Sorry... no pictures of people this time! Though you can see Andy starting to build a ladder in one of them. We figured it was about time we had one, and we're running out of ways to reach the siding.

We had 10" of snow on Friday, so we started Saturday morning by shoveling out the house. It's kind of neat to be shoveling snow off your floor.

We also did a little bit of work in the afternoon - the mudroom entrance is framed in now, and the lower portion of the North wall is complete. This view is from the kitchen, looking back toward the mudroom.
This is the living room. There will be three windows on the East wall, and two more on the South wall that is yet to be framed. We really enjoy watching the light play across the floor as the days go by, and we'll enjoy it even more when the house is done and we're toasty warm.

The mudroom entrance will probably be the most used entry to the house. We haven't decided on what to do with the North wall yet - right now it looks pretty sparse. The loft area will have two windows. Karen would like stained glass in the middle section of the main floor on that wall, but that will be a change we add after we've moved in.

Looking North through the house, it looks like three hallways that don't have any doors. But this isn't traditional 16" on center stick framing, so it's kind of hard to visualize unless you've been up here to see it. We're looking forward to getting the peak of the roof done, but we need some sunshine first to melt all the snow and ice off the frame.

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