Saturday, March 15, 2008

The North and South Siding

Well, here's another weekend, and what do you know... more rain! :) Just a bit on Friday evening, then some snow overnight just to make the driveway a little more fun on the way in.

It was good to get back to work on the house, and we're pleased with our headway with the siding. The window placements on the North and South walls are visible now. The edges of the siding that extend beyond the rafters will be trimmed later, just before we start on the interior roof, which is the same tongue and groove material that comprise the sides.
Ahhh.... what a lovely space. This is the living room, looking South. Karen thinks maybe we should paint the ceilings blue. The sawhorses are our poor man's scaffolding. They were made from scraps, and have been tremendously useful.

A close-up of the joinery in the dining room window area. We had to fit the window framework around the knee brace, and it made for some stimulating calculations and assembly.

The stream has been very loud lately with all the snow melt-off and rain. This is the view from Chris and Karen's bedroom window.

The North wall. The loft windows are framed in now, though the rest of the wall looks pretty bare still. We have ideas for what to do there, but aren't quite decided yet. The house needs a haircut in a few spots!

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