Monday, December 31, 2007

The Land

Cook Brook, or Roaring Brook. Depends on which map you're looking at or which local you're talking with. The brook bisects our property into two unequal portions; roughly 15 acres on the road side of things, with the other 30 acres on the wild side.

The house site as it looked when we walked the land with the realtor. Wow... we hardly recognize this anymore!

The driveway at the stream crossing, where the bridge now sits. This is a July photo, and the stream is barely moving. In the spring runoff, the stream gets pretty full.

The stone wall South of the house site. The other side of this wall is visible from the house as you look South.

The cliff. This is on the West side of the brook. The land above the cliff is quite level, and may provide a good spot for a little cabin.

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