Monday, December 31, 2007

The Clearing

Leading up the driveway to the entrance of the house site, through a break in the stone wall. We aren't yet sure who built the stone wall, or when it was built, but it's definitely a point of curiosity. The break in the wall was original, and was presumably used by the original builder, but with a wagon instead of an excavator.
When we purchased the land, this was all forest. A lot of trees have been removed for light access to the house and garden sites. We planned on keeping this an off-grid home, but financing wouldn't allow a strictly off-grid option. We plan to add solar panels in the future, and we have plenty of Southern access for those already. The house will end up right behind the excavator in this picture. Matt is in the photo - a brother in law who lives nearby.
Stumps. Lots o' stumps.
The driveway up to the house site. This is taken from where the house will be, looking South back down the driveway and past the stone wall.
Looking up the driveway toward the future house hole. Everything has been excavated at this point, and we're ready for the concrete guys to build the forms and pour the footings.

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