Monday, December 31, 2007

The Driveway

Our house site has some unique considerations; among them, the need for a long, tricky driveway and a bridge. The bridge was designed by a local civil engineer, and comprises an aluminum arch that spans 16' across, over 13' wide, and over 6' high, then gravel topped with a 18" of rebar and concrete. It is an open bottom arch, so the stream bed itself will remain undisturbed. At least after construction. The excavating company we contracted to do our site work did an excellent job of installing everything, including the stone that reinforces the banks of the stream. When the house is done, we plan to add railings, more stonework, etc. to really make it a nice feature.
Preparing the forms for the concrete cap on the bridge.
The arch looking downstream, before the stonework had been finished. A few good rains will clear the sludge right out.
The concrete cap to the bridge. The figuring in the lower left of the bridge surface are courtesy of Eli and Mindy - handprints and the date of the pour.
The completed bridge, as it looks from the road side of the stream. This held the FirstDay delivery truck, at approximately 75,000 lbs, as well as countless gravel and concrete trucks with as much as 90,000 lbs. of weight. This bridge should survive Armageddon.

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