Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Non-island Countertops

These are the french doors that used to be for Andy and Mindy's bedroom. We seem to change the name for this room every other day or so, but in any case, the doors are painted and installed, and look pretty sharp. Karen painted all of the doors in the house the same color, and with the matching color and matching doorknobs, really ties things together nicely.

This is another picture of the spot under the stairs in the basement. Karen did this, too. She said it was her first time cutting angles, and that she is now one with the table saw.

This is the area above the basement stairs and below the loft stairs. Dad installed the quarter round trim here. Covering up the rough edges feels good. The lines on the wall are spots that weren't taped or sanded very well before the paint went on - that's on the list to redo. But the list is long, so don't look for that anytime soon.

Karen took a few pictures of the snow from the last week of February. Piled high and heavy - the whole week was wet snow that didn't compress at all. It was just solid moisture. Chris used the tractor for awhile to clear some of the snow away from the house. It seemed to fall closer to the house this year than last year, though we aren't sure why. The house sure hasn't moved.

More snow.

Ahh, home sweet home.

Amid all the snow, summer tires for the Miata showed up. Soon... :)

Karen painted the surround for the hearth a charcoal grey that blends with the rest of the hearth. Looks sharp, though it spends a lot of time covered in wood chips and dust.

We bought some butcher block countertops for the area next to the stove. The original plan for the countertops was to pour our own concrete tops, but the combination of time, energy, and reality intervened. The butcher block feels and looks wonderful after being so accustomed to painted plywood.

South of the stove. There is room for expansion in the back, and a backsplash will cover the gap.

Chris' man cave. With all the screws I used, this should stay really solid... Ha ha. No, Dad, I didn't just screw it in place through the plywood. I used brackets that will allow the countertop to move with changes in humidity.

Both sides of the stove installed. You can see a big difference in the face frames - the one on the right has a coat of oil on it, the one on the left does not.


The Britton Family said...

So beautiful! The countertops are just gorgeous! We love you!

Jenn said...

WOW! I've heard rave reviews about the countertops, and I see that the reviews have been accurate. Love it! It looks so nice. Lots of work and lots of snow!!!!!

The Wests. said...

Thanks for the compliments. We really like them, too. :)


Hannah said...

So my comment was going to copy Robin's exactly...! I wonder what that means!! At any rate it is simply beautiful. We love to see updates and are amazed each time.
Karen...kudos for achieving oneness with the table saw! You're more of a woman than I am!!! I'm still skittish around that thing!
We love you. Hope to see you soon!

Jennifer said...

love the picture of the house form down the driveway...the red with all the white snow looks so marvelous....makes me think you should have snow all the time...it makes your house look so great :)

Anonymous said...

The look great!