Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Face Frames Again

Karen and I were away in Utah for awhile since our last update, but we still have a few new pictures. All of the face frames are built, and all but one are installed. That last one will have to wait another week or so, just until we have the drawer slides in place.
Yes, we took pictures without cleaning up dinner first. :)
Karen is writing down shipping info for some stuff that Mindy sold on ebay, and Christopher is walking around taking pictures.
We also built a frame for the hearth. This is re-purposed flooring that has been ripped, jointed, and fed along the router table. Our friend Dave helped with the hearth bit, too. When we grout the seam between the wood and the slate, we will also finish the grout in the mudroom. Might as well get dirty just once, right?

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Anonymous said...

All your faces are a sight for sore eyes! Looking food, guys! Love, Mom and Dad