Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Return of the Zing

This is the beginning of the form for the kitchen island countertop. It is made from 3/4" melamine, and will be poured upside-down. The rectangle in the middle is the cutout for the sink. We will add sides, a soap dish area, maybe a drainage tray. We'll see.The electrician installed some switches this week, but no circuit breakers yet. Karen was doing some sanding in her and Chris' bathroom to prep for paint.
Karen in the bathroom, but without the dusk mask so you see it's really her. The wall behind her is finished, and you can see the cutouts for the sink drains and supply lines. The matching vanities will go in soon.
This one is for Amber. Sorry about the flash and the sawdust. Mindy cleaned a lot of space on Saturday night; made room for tools and wood downstairs and generally got a few rooms ready for actual living. That's not all she did this week, of course, but it's what she was doing when I went around on Saturday night taking pictures.
Ok... you can barely see Karen in there, but she's on the stairway doing some sanding on the railing. The dining room has been cleared out a bit, though Andy and Chris still have to move some wood. Mindy put tung oil on the edges of the stair treads, so another railing piece has been installed. Andy is in the background somewhere, mudding some drywall.
These are Andy's legs. He is mudding the wall inside Chris and Karen's room. He has already done most of the stairway and inside the dining room, along with the wall in the kitchen. This is a better view of the new railing piece that was installed. We really need to put the ballisters in place on the stairs.
The South wall of Chris and Karen's room. Chris has lots of ideas for the lofty space here, but unfortunately does not have enough voting power to overturn Karen's veto authority.
One window is messy and not too pretty. The other is a little less messy and a little more pretty. These are 1x8 sheathing boards with the tongues ripped off. Ripped with a saw, by the way, not just ripped with plyers or something.
Remember this color? The cranberry zinging has begun! There are a few sections that need to be done so the electrician and plumber can finish their work, so we will focus on those areas. We don't expect to finish all of this soon. But it's a start, and once some more inside work has been completed, this will be a fun way to pass the time. It was raining at the time of the picture. Not snow, not sawdust, just rain.


OUR CLAN said...

Looking good!! and thanks for the picture of Min. Are you all going to have a "house warming" party?

JENNIFER said...

Funny...I had imagined "tung" oil spelled "tounge." That answers a lot of questions :)

Glad that Brian has been able to help :)

The Wests. said...

Yes, we'll have a house-warming party. We don't have a date planned... not even to the nearest month. But when we do, everybody will be invited.

Eeeww... tongue oil? We could have saved a lot of money if all we had to do was lick the floor!