Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Last Upstairs Windows

We were busy with windows and wood this weekend. Benson, Ethan, Eli, and Mikey, a local friend, all helped Mindy move several big stacks of wood out of the way. After the windows were installed, we hauled logs with the Subaru, and have almost cleared the whole path for the well truck to come through.

We put in more windows this week - all of the upstairs windows are done now! We have four egress windows to put in the downstairs half wall, but we won't do those until the floor has been poured. These three are in the South end of the dining room.This is taken from the kitchen, after we had the three kitchen windows put in. We were concerned about the difficulty of installing windows on the upper levels, but they all went very smoothly. We were glad to have started with ground floor windows - we had a good system down by the time we did any ladder work with them.

The South wall of the house. We have a few pieces of foam to put up near the peak.

This angle shows the view of the house from near the entrance to the house site. I'm standing near the rock wall where the garden will be, and the driveway is just to my right. Despite the bright silver facade, the house is not visible from the road now. We'll be on our own for awhile, and then sometime in early November we'll be visible again.

This view hasn't changed much. We have the kitchen window successfully moved and installed, and you can clearly see where the old spot remains. That has been plugged with new insulation. If you look closely, you can see Mindy about to hop out of the kitchen door. I didn't see her there at the time, or I would have waited until she was in mid-air to snap the photo. :)

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